Why choose Zero One Media Center?

The MacPac storefront

We know customers face myriad options when purchasing computers, peripherals and consulting. Zero One Media Center exists expressly to help you sort out the options best suited to you. Zero One Media Center was founded with a simple idea: to provide computer users with a full range of high quality products and support services; beginning with the identification of a clients needs and continuing through acquisition of a solution, installation and setup, end user training, and on-going support. Our love of technology, coupled with the ability to find a solution custom tailored to your needs, makes Zero One Media Center the logical choice for home or business. And we think you'll like doing business with us.

Why buy locally?

When you spend your money with a local retailer instead of a national one (say your local Apple Specialist instead of WalMart or BestBuy or an Apple Store) EVERY DOLLAR YOU SPEND stays in the local economy SEVEN TIMES LONGER than if you had bought that item from a national chain.